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Disaster Pack

  • $969.50

Package Includes: 

  • One wetsuit, comprised of military grade polyurethane coated 200 denier nylon (50 x 60 threads per inch). Elastic binding at neck, wrists and ankles. Hook and loop closure concealed by protective flap.
  • Hood with straps made of the same protective nylon material
  • NIOSH approved Sperian Respirator (Not Pictured)
  • 12" diameter catch containment
  • 18" drip funnel
  • 10' clear PVC Hose
  •  aquamira® Water Purification Tablets
  •  PVC boots & latex gloves that can be adhered to the suit using the tape provided.
  •  Mylar Safety Blanket
  •  7' long x 4' tall 200 Denier Nylon tent
  •  25' of 550 cord
  • Compass
  •  Flame retardant envelope to protect against flame and minor exposure to water
  •  Fire starter 
  •  First Aid Kit
  •  8 MREs 
  •  LifeStraw® Filter Straw
  •  This package comes with a 17"  x 36"  durable duffle bag

Package comes with large suit, other sizes are available upon request. For more information

Size Chart

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