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About Rich Industries

For over 40 years Rich Industries, Inc. has been supplying protective clothing and accessories to workers in the nuclear, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.  We hold a high standard of quality craftsmanship in every product we produce & we take pride in buying our films solely from American companies.

Rich Industries Quality Assurance Department is trained to ensure that all customer standards and specifications are met during all parts of the production process. The same Quality Assurance personnel that are responsible for inspecting products for our government, will also be putting the same attention and care into ensuring that your products meet our high quality standards and requirements before they are shipped to you. 

We manufacture a large number of items available in our survival kits in New Philadelphia, Ohio.  These items are;  the 5 mil suit, nylon coverall, flame retardant envelope, duffle bags, catch containment, drip funnel, hood with straps, NIOSH approved bubble hood, tent and the Short Term Low Level Radiation Suit. We currently order our films in accordance with military specifications and the materials are tested using several ASTM methods, some of which are performed at Rich Industries, Inc. To ensure superior strength and durability we use Radio Frequency welding and heat sealing to bond our polyurethane base, polyethylene , nylon & PVC films. 

Over the years we have designed custom products for US governmental agencies, the nuclear industry, research and development, textile, chemical, plastic, and rubber industries. We take pride in the fact that our products are highly customizable, so, if you don’t see your size, let us know and we’ll be happy to help you out!